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Ungdomens bönevecka

Ungdomens bönevecka

19-26 mars

19 mar 2022 - 26 mar 2022

Årets läsning för Week of Prayer för unga handlar om klimatförändringar och sociala orättvisor. Läs mer om det på engelska här nere. Ladda hem veckoläsningen längst ner på sidan. Vi kommer även att publicera dagens bön på instagram och facebook under veckan.

Tips: Materialet går jättebra att använda som smågruppsmaterial i framtiden. 

Urklipp från veckans läsning nedan:

Although climate change, environmental degradation and injustice affect us all, they are not usually issues that we deal with in our churches and youth groups. This is a pity because our Adventist faith has so much to say in this regard. It basically urges us to make our own lives more sustainable and to promote a sustainable lifestyle among our fellow human beings. In the following chapters, we would like to invite you to reflect on essential ideas and concepts of our faith in order to see how they influence our view on and commitment to sustainability; and whether we should see them simply as the spirit of the times or rather as God's will.

In chapter 1, we will reflect on what it means not only to believe in Creation, but also to encounter the world as creation.

Chapter 2 is about justice. Is faith only about the question “How do I get to heaven?” Or does God also want us to experience heaven on earth?

In chapter 3, we will consider the command to love our neighbour. This is, without a doubt, a fundamental commandment. But how does one show neighbour love in a globalised world?

Chapter 4 is about our expectations for the future. Does it make sense for someone who believes in the return of Jesus to work for a better earthly future?

Chapter 5 gets down to the nitty-gritty: Why and for what purpose does the church actually exist? We need to answer this question if we want to find out whether or not sustainability is important to our community.

Chapter 6 may be shocking to you when we expose the often heard excuse “There is nothing I can do about it” as little faith.

In chapter 7, we want to inspire you to increase your sphere of influence in order to make a bigger difference.

And in chapter 8, we will outline why the pursuit of social justice and commitment to caring for creation is not a distraction, but rather a very contemporary way of being light in this world.

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