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Ungdomens bönevecka

Vad skulle hända om du gav Kristus allt? Bli en lärjunge idag! Längst ner på sidan hittar du böneveckans artiklar.

17 mar 2012 - 24 mar 2012

DAY 1:

Jesus. John 10:10. Jesus turns your world upside down with His grace, forgiveness, peace, love and hope!

DAY 2:

Explore. John 1:35-42. Tell God to show Himself to you. Give Him permission to work in your life. Check Him out!

DAY 3:

Come. Matthew 4:18-20. Jesus calls anyone and everyone to be His disciple. Come to Him as you are – daily, in His Word and in prayer

DAY 4:

Trust. Matthew 14:22-33. Everyone lives in their “boat”. Step out of your comfort and walk towards Jesus no matter what the risk. Trust your life now…and in eternity with Him.

DAY 5:

Surrender. John 13:1-18. The world sees surrender as defeat. The follower of Christ finds surrender – victory! Give God everything. Hold nothing back. Surrender leads to service.

DAY 6:

Ask. Acts 2:1-47. The Main Player in the end is the Holy Spirit – not you…so ask Him to totally transform you, equip you and send you out on His mission.

DAY 7:

Love. John 13:35; Matthew 28:18-20; John 21:15-19; Acts 10. Love others as God loves you. God’s love leads you to love and disciple everyone you meet to Jesus Christ.

DAY 8:

What If You Gave Christ Everything? Acts 3 & 4. There is no limit to what God can do in you…and through your one life. Give everything you are and have to Jesus Christ – and see what He will do. Can you imagine the impact on your home, school, church – and your world?