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40 bönedagar

40 bönedagar

40 Days of Prayer

3 maj 2022 - 11 jun 2022

We all have gone through a very challenging and unusual time in these last two years. The world has changed, society has changed, yet our mission remains the same – proclaiming the message of Jesus to a dying world in need of His saving righteousness.

As we approach the General Conference Session (June 5-11, 2022) we, as a world church, want to refocus on revival for mission. Ahead of us lies a wave of challenges and defining moments, as we face the reopening of the post-pandemic world, major technological breakthroughs, armed conflict, and political, and natural crises.

We must be firm in mission, and refocused on the work at hand. It is therefore vital, that we lay aside personal agendas and plans, and truly seek the converting and reviving presence of the Holy Spirit. Asking Him to do in and through us a work, which only He can accomplish, pleading for a deeper consecration, and a heart in tune with His will – both for our personal lives and families, and for our ministries.